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Name:Johann Schmidt (A.K.A. The Red Skull)
Birthdate:May 3, 1989
[Birth date for mun given above.]

Character age: 50 (age of actor at time of portrayal, no official age given for character in any relevant continuity)
Birth date: ??/??/1893 (Year extrapolated from movie setting and age. No official birth date given for character in any relevant continuity)

Summary: (All information listed here is taken from Captain America: The First Avenger, with a few cues on earlier details from the tie-in comic, First Vengeance.)

No character information is known about Johann Schmidt until 1934, when the then physics professor with a passion for Teutonic myth was recruited into the SS by Himmler, to head their new deep science division, HYDRA. Caring little for the ideology and goals of the Reich, he focused on his own goals and interests, accruing power and seeking revenge on his enemies. He captured biologist Dr. Abraham Erskine, and forced him to replicate his work on a serum that could improve the human body beyond conventional limits. Schmidt took the serum, in an incomplete, untested state, and suffered for it: While he gained the power he sought, the serum turned his skin red, and disfigured him to produce the appearance of the Red Skull he would become known for.

Since that time, in effective exile from the Reich for his appearance, he turned his ambitions further towards the destruction of all who would oppose him, Axis or Ally. With HYDRA's discovery of the Tesseract, an ancient power source left on Earth by the Asgardians, fulfillment of these ambitions became far more plausible.

[This is an rp account. I am not actually a Bavarian supervillain played by an Australian in heavy makeup.]
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